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Iowa City Roofing

Iowa City is the only city in North America to be designated as the City of Literature from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Famous for its universities, colleges, and literature activities, Iowa City is bustling with active community.

Housing and renovation are a constant opportunity in Iowa City. The city has huge number of renters and rental properties. Home buyers are seeking out new and old homes for living. The city is partnering with the University of Iowa to improve the properties around the University. The city will identify properties around the University and subcontract them for renovation. If a low-income buyer purchases the property and lives for five years, the renovation cost up to $50, 000 spent on the property is forgiven. Thus, home improvement, roofing, and siding are required for the properties in the city.


In Iowa City, roofing projects are accomplished by the contractors to improve building protection. Roofing installation is very critical and must be accomplished only by experienced roofers. New roofs must be installed as per manufacturer guidelines, city codes, and national roofing rules. New roofs must be estimated and measured for accurate results. Material and labor can be planned based on the estimations and measurements. If a roof is not installed by a certified contractor or as per the manufacturer instructions, the warranty may not be applicable. If there is a warranty claim, the manufacturer may seek the damaged shingles as a proof.

Roofing maintenance is required every spring and fall. Clearing debris, taking care of loose flashings, gaps around vents, replacing any missing/curling/streaking shingles, and so on are regular maintenance for roofing. If the roof has aged and is out of its life time, roof replacement may be necessary. If the roof replacement is being processed by home insurance company, additional documentation and proofs are necessary. A public adjuster can be hired for appropriate assessment of the direct and hidden damages such as moss growth and so on.

Any roof repairs that are ignored may cause further damage to the roof and result in roof leaks or roof collapse. Iowa City Roofing is a continuous activity for the large number of residential and commercial buildings.

Solar Roofs

Iowa city solar roofs
Iowa city solar roofs shingles

Solar roofs in Iowa City, IA are on the rise due to the energy bills savings, reducing carbon emissions, and the energy rebates available. Solar uses sun's energy to convert it in to electrical energy. The photo voltaic nature of the solar cells helps convert the solar energy to electric energy. The electric energy generation is quiet and results no pollution. Additional electric circuits, energy storage, inverter, grid, and so on may be required.

The property can rely on the electric energy generated using solar roofs for lighting, powering electric appliances, and electric vehicles! Due to net metering, the property is charged only on actual consumption. If there is extra energy generated, the electricity is sent back to the grid. The property owner gets a check from the utility company or the meter turns backward. If the solar roofs are covered with snow and ice and generate no energy, the property can leverage power from the grid.

Installation and maintenance of solar roofs is simple and the set up lasts for 25 to 30 years. The installation is continuously monitored by the solar installers. The commercial and residential property owners can invest in solar roofs to increase their buildings value. They can also claim the energy rebates from federal and local authorities.

Some Power contracts let the property owners get solar roofs for free with zero payments involved! Property owners can thus benefit from solar installations in terms of long term energy bills savings and power generation along with building protection. Solar roofs are thus resulting in reduced oil imports from other countries. At an individual level, home owners are able to reduce pollution by installing solar roofs. Iowa City property owners are increasingly installing solar roofs and contributing to the society.

Check your roof's solar capacity

Solar roofing can be achieved by two methods. First method is to install regular roof with asphalt shingles and bolting the solar panels on top of the roof. Second method is to install the solar shingles which act as both building protection and energy generation.

  1. Bolting solar panels is additional investment on top of the roof. Any roof repair will first involve removing the solar panels and rebolting them again. If you sell your property, you can choose to take the solar panels with you and have them on other property. The solar panels are effective both in winter and summer. Most solar panels are manufactured to self clean due to the heat generated in case of snow or ice formation.

  2. Installing solar shingles such as IC Tesla results in durable roof and reliable power generation. The solar tiles are interlocked to form the circuit which convert the sun's energy in to electrical energy. Solar tiles have the solar cells embedded in them and are less bulky. The modern method of solar roofs is preferred by the Iowa City property owners due to the evolving technology and latest colors available.

Installers suggest the solar roofs to be on grid for easier maintenance and maintain continuous power supply to the property.

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group
Solar Panels Save You Money

Olde Town Group is the leading contractor who can work on solar roofs in Iowa City. They are a family owned business head quartered in Moline, IL. They have branches in Iowa City, Des Moines, and Bloomington. Olde Town Group is licensed and bonded in multiple states to offer roofing and general contracting services. Olde Town Group is owned by Sean Vogler who is an expert in roofing, home improvement, business, and management.

If you decide to install solar panels, Olde Town Group can work on the roof preparation for you. If you chose to install the solar shingles, Olde Town Group can complete the project as well. Roofing, Siding, Windows, Deck, Solar, Renovation, Restoration, Home improvement, and so on are some of the services of Olde Town Group. Olde Town Group are A+ certified on Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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Olde Town Roofing

Olde Town Roofing is the roofing division working on some of the largest residential and commercial roofs in the region. Olde Town Group has worked with churches, apartments, condos, government projects, residential projects, emergency services, commercial projects, mold restoration, and so on. They have installed thousands of roofs including low-slope roofs, steep slope roofs, metal roofs, mansard roofs, cool roofs, and so on. They are a certified IKO Shield Pro Plus contractor from IKO and are known for top roofing services. Olde Town Group is part of several roofing and builders and remodelers associations.

Olde Town Group certified

Olde Town Group are a certified SELECT Shingle Master from CertainTeed and are able to offer extended warranties for their customers. The group is also a Certified PVC roof Installer from IB Roof Systems. Ask for special warranties for your roof installation.

Olde Town Group practices and implements innovative roofing and home improvement solutions for all customers. They can assist with any required documentation for solar roofs rebates and financing. They have partnered with banks to offer zero down and zero APR loans for customers with approved credit. Any insurance claims processing can be completed by consulting the experts at Olde Town Roofing. Call Olde Town Group at 3097385550, 3095171676, or 3192128131 for more information on IC Solar Roofs.